Thoughts on a Threatened Planet

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Looking back over the years, the experience of travel, landscape and culture one thing that has been etched into my soul is the fact that we are living on an ever changing planet with so many different environmental, social and economic pressures. It is not too late to change a way of lives to be more responsible to the welfare of our planet and to start making that difference for the generation to come and if we can’t do that in time then the clock is ticking. This means one of two possibilities for us as people. One is that we start to go down a very dark road for which there is no turning back as we push our planet into uncharted territory, with runaway global warming and its many knock on consequences. The second being that we reach a turning point where human kind pulls together as a team and puts differences aside, puts the environment and social wellbeing before greed and profit to start to build a brighter future so as we can say we weren’t the last generation to be given the change to preserve our natural world, educate people on the woes of social injustice, crime and poverty. If we can do that then I believe we have a chance to pull through as a species and that everyone no matter what their background, no matter what their past has a 99% chance of being saved.

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