Divine Intervention

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During my times travelling I’ve meet so many different people from so many different walks of life with so many different stories to tell, mostly good but some of it bad. I honestly think that most people even those that have turned away from an honest and just way off life will at some point reach a point in their life where they reap what they sow. It is at that point that they can change their lifes direction and come to know salvation through the lord. When that happens I believe they have entered a phase of their life where they can turn a bad situation around and make amends by cultivating a positive attitude to life. All this is achievable through the holy spirit and turning to a life of doing right by other people from right across the spectrum.
Even through my own circumstances I have learned from the old saying what comes around goes around and have managed to turn around my faults to lead a much more positive life. Sometimes life has struck me as being very unfair, but through situations and loses that have devastated me I have at the same time grown to become strengthened in spirit. I am convinced that the people that we have lost we will be reunited with again in some way or another, both on Earth and/or in Heaven. I never came from a particularly religious background, but I believe I have been saved, quite literally by the Holy Spirit. Coincidences that are just two uncanny to be pure chance have turned me to seek the good in life and do right by other people as much as I possibly can. Circumstances that have arisen just at the right moment to guide me and support me along the way to fulfil my aims have illuminated my way. All these I see as signs along the way to guide me even when walking through the valley in the shadow of death.
We all face many challenges on our own unique paths and can sometimes make a mess of situations. We all still make mistakes but that’s all part of the process in teaching us the morally right in every situation. I am so grateful for my life and being such a lucky person and for the lessons I have learned, even if at times I have lost my way. In the end I hope to find my way back to a better place and maybe even find some of the answers I’ve been looking for seemingly for so long. If that happens it will truly be the best gift I could ever ask for.

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